Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thing 23 Wednesday 4 /15/09

Well....I did it!! Completed the survey....ribbon snapping across the chest... Ha! It feels good to learn of and experience new things. (no pun intended)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thing 22 Tuesday 4/14/09

It has been an interesting and informative trip. I have done and seen things on this project that I never dreamed, and mostly never imagined, were possible.
I do pledge to keep going and delve deeper into the cyber world. To ignore these tools and this technology, is to live with blinders on. Thanks for the opportunity Neflin!

Thing 21 Tuesday 4/14/09

The research and assignment calculators are so cool, I can't believe it. Where was this 30 years ago! To be able to just punch in your deadlines and subject, and get a complete breakdown of time allowances, is incredible.

Thing 20 Tuesday 4/14/09

I have perused a lot of these links and am really interested in the different views and approaches. I didn't realize how much there was to view on this "thing" but the deadline is here! I will keep going on this...there's a lot to learn on #20.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thing 19 Wednesday 4/8/09

I looked at the ning and webjunction. I really like ning. It seems to me to be the answer to wiki. It eliminates all that I didn't like about wiki. Very nice. I can really see how this could be useful for library staff to bring each other up to date on last minute details for meetings etc.

Thing 18 Wednesday 4/8/09

Here's my link to facebook. I think I'll need to hire a secretary to answer all the messages. I'm just not that social. I am now a fan of the library through their facebook page and will get updates etc.

Thing 17 Wednesday 4/8/09

Steves jazz podcast

Well...5 days ago I didn't know what a podcast was. Now I can grab one and post it, and am currently involved with the making of one at our library. I like it!